Where to Farm for Isos in Warframe

This guide will let you know where to farm for Isos in Warframe. Go through the guide and follow the step-by-step instructions to farm it. 

To start, you will need a rail jack, and you have to be going to either Venus, Pluto, Earth, or Neptune Proxima in search of Isos. It doesn’t matter too much which mode you go to on the Proxima’s.

When you get into whatever mission you choose, before you go into the capital ship or whatever main objective you have, you will need to clear both fighters and crew ships if you have to, then you’re going to explore the entire surrounding area. 

If you are in a corpus mission, you’re going to be looking for small shipwrecks to loot, and if you are in a crineer mission, you’re going to be looking around in asteroid fields for breakable rocks/Asteroids as they both can drop isos when broken/looted. 

Also, on the corpus ships, you have to make sure you try and break all the containers as some of the specific containers also can drop Isos.

It is the type of container you’re looking for on the corpus ships.

Neptune Proxima: 98 Isos

On earth, you may get 103 Isos.

Neptune: 98 Isos

Earth 103 Isos

And finally, on Venus, you can get upto 79 Isos.

The amount of Isos you get per run may vary since it is based on Rng, just like most things in this game. 

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