Where to Farm for Sinking Talon in Warframe

This guide will tell you where to farm for Sinking Talon in Warframe. 

Sinking Talon can drop from a specific corpus enemy on Jupiter or any of the corpus tilesets.

Sinking Talon specifically can drop from both detron crewmen and vapos detron crewmen, vapos crewmen spawn on Jupiter, and the normal detron crewmen can spawn on just about any other corpus tileset. 

It is recommended to run survival or any endless mission types to farm them as they aren’t very rare spawns amongst the enemies that can spawn in the game. 

The detron crewmen usually start to spawn pretty early, so it shouldn’t take too long for them to spawn. The mode has a usually low drop rate, so it’s going to take you a bit to get the mod since you will need a lot of detron crewmen kills before you get the mod unless you’re lucky.

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