Where to farm for Tellurium in Warframe

In this guide, you will come to know where to farm Tellurium in Warframe. 

Tellurium can drop from various places. However, you can go to these two different places when farming for Tellurium.

The first place is Ophelia on Uranus; the enemies that spawn in the mission can drop Tellurium when killed. Both locations are fairly popular places in farming Tellurium, so if you want to run the missions in a squad, it shouldn’t be too hard to find group randoms to do it with.

The other mission is Salacia on Neptune, a mobile defense archwing mission.

If you have a sentinel companion and the spare parts mod for it, you can equip that since if you have that mod equipped, your sentinel will have a chance at dropping Tellurium or rare resources if it’s killed.

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