Where to Farm Prime Parts, Frames, and Weapons in Warframe

This guide will tell you where to farm Prime Parts, frames, and weapons in Warframe. You have to follow the step-by-step instructions in this guide to farm them. 

Prime parts drop from opening void relics which you can do by going to any void fissure mission, picking a Relic to bring to the mission, and opening the relic. The mission levels go up depending on which relic you are opening, so lith relics are the lowest, Meso, Neo, then Axi, the highest (excluding Requiem relics).

Once in the mission, the corrupted enemies will start to spawn, and you’re going to kill them, as they will drop reactant. You will need 10 of them to open your relic and for you to have a chance at getting a prime item. Also, if you have people in your squad and they open their relics, then at the end of the mission, you will have the option to choose what item you want out of what the people in your squad got. 

It depends on what frame or weapon you choose; you may or may not have to buy it from another player. When frames get unvaulted, most times, it is only temporary. They go back into the vault after some time; however, old ones get vaulted when new frames come out; ex-harrow prime was introduced into the game recently, and because of that, Ivara prime was vaulted.

Chroma Prime is currently vaulted, so when you go to your relics and look at his relics, it will say that his relics, along with the weapons he came with, are in the prime vault. So you either have to buy the relics for him off of someone, or you can buy the set of parts you need to make him completely off of someone and relics that aren’t in the prime vault-like harrow’s relics you will be able to get in missions that reward you with relics.

When prime frames are unvaulted, the unvaulted weapons and frames relics will only be available for a limited time; then, they will return to the vault, which is different from how new prime frames are in terms of relics.

The different types of relics will contain different parts for the items, the main blueprint for scourge prime may come from a neo relic. But the barrel may drop from a lith relic, so it’s good to know possible places you can go to the farm for the different relics.

To start for Lith Relics, you can either run Hepit in the Void, a quick capture mission or go to Olympus on Saturn, an endless disruption mission. Olympus is good for both lith relics and meso relics so that you can go there for both of you want to.

Ukko is the Void is a good place since similar to Olympus, you can get two types of relics here, Those being either Meso or Neo Relics, and it’s another short and quick capture mission on top of that.

Ur on Uranus is a fairly good endless mission to run if you want mainly Neo Relics as the B and C rotation rewards for this mission are mainly Neo Relics.

Kappa on Sedna is another fairly decent place IMO since you can get mainly either neo or Axi relics depending on which reward rotation you choose to get throughout the rounds.

There are only two places where you can go for Axi relic farming: Xini on Eris and Apollo on Lua. Xini is an endless interception mission, and Apollo is an endless disruption mission.

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