Where to Find All 8 Eggs around the Map – In Laundry Simulator

The Laundry Simulator just released an Easter Egg hunt. So, this guide will let you know where all the eggs spawn. 

The first thing you need to do is climb on this and then go to the Laundry sign.

You will find one egg there.

Click the egg basket to see the eggs you have collected already.

There is also an egg spawn right there; just make sure to collect it.  

There is a possible spawn right here.

The best looking egg spawns right behind this tree. 

Next, you have to go right up the hill for the next egg.

Now to get the next egg, you need to finish this obby. 

It may take a few tries but take your time, and you will get it. 

After doing this obby, you will get two more eggs.

There is a possible egg spawn right here. 

There are also two possible egg spawns there, so you must check there when you join the game.  

Here is an egg  

That egg can spawn in multiple places. 

There is another possible egg spawn right here. That is all; eight eggs spawned.

One thing to remember is that not every spawn will always have an egg. Just keep checking the places as shown, and you will get all the eggs.

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