Where to Find All Cuddlefish Eggs in Subnautica

This guide will let you know where to find all the Cuddlefish Eggs in Subnautica. Go through the guide and follow the step-by-step instructions to find them. 

You can find five cuddlefish eggs on the map, and you have to start from the coral tube that sticks up out of the ground and head one bump to the left of the northwest until you reach the giant three in the Northwestern Mushroom forest. 

In terms of gear for “All The Locations”, it is recommended to have a sea moth with an MK2 or Mk3 depth module upgrade, perimeter defence and sonar, a rebreather, a high or ultra capacity O2 tanks, a sea glide, and if it’s dark then maybe a flashlight 50 you can see in the caves.

The only thing you’ll encounter while at this location is the bone shark, and even then, you’ll encounter them in fairly small numbers, so you can either use perimeter defence against them, avoid them or kill them using your knife.

For the 2nd location, you’ll be going to the NE Mushroom forest, and to the start, you’re going to start from the coral tube that sticks up out of the water again. You’ll be using it as your starting point every time and the northeastern mushroom forest.

However, you won’t encounter any threats at this spot since the biome is close to the aurora. There is a small chance you might see or hear a reaper leviathan, and if one does come after you, you must try running for it. And if it grabs you, you have to use the perimeter defence against it to get it to back off.

Once you’ve reached the Ne mushroom forest, you have to continue heading straight until you see a vent on the ground, and ahead of the vent, you should see a sort of mini cliff-like area. You have to go ahead of that cliff and look to the left, and you should see an area with a cave entrance (it’ll look like a few holes).

For the 3rd location, you’re going to start by heading about two bumps to the left of the southwest until you reach the grand reef biome.

The main threat you will encounter while in the grand reef are crab squids, which can cause an emp to disable your vehicle and any other electronics you might have. So you must try to avoid them if you see them, but if they emp you and you are in your vehicle, then it is suggested to stay in the vehicle even if they attack you as they don’t deal super high amounts of damage to vehicles, and get away as quick as you can one the EMP wears off.

Upon reaching the grand reef, you have to continue along a large wall that looks something like this, and you need to pay attention to the seafloor as you are going to be looking for a large hole/cave entrance in the ground to go down.

Once you find the hole, you will need to go down that hole and head north, and after going that way, you should see a degasi base shortly.

For the 4th location, you’re going to start from the coral tube and head about 2 in a Half bumps to the right of the west until you reach a large sinkhole in the dunes biome.

Be aware in the dunes biome, there are several reaper leviathans in the biome. So when you go over there, you need to be very careful and have the perimeter defense for the sea moth as it makes dealing with repairs a lot easier and a lot less frightening.

And for the last location, you have to start by heading two bumps to the left of the west until you reach an entrance to the blood kelp biome (You’re still starting from the same coral tube from the beginning).

In Terms of Threats, all you might see is your passing through the blood help biome you might see, ampeels which you need to avoid. And in the area of the lost river you’re going to be in, all you should possibly see are river prowlers, which you can use perimeter defense against or avoid entirely.

Once you’ve reached the blood kelp entrance, you should see a wreck that looks like this in the trench; you’re going to want to go deeper below that wreck and head southeast while doing it until you reach the beginning of the lost river, you should also see a large skeleton in the middle of the lost river area.

Once you’ve reached the lost river and see the skeleton, you’re going to want then to go/look south, and you should see a green forcefield door (you will require an orange tablet to open the door, which you can get the blueprint from by scanning the broken one found at the grand reef degasi base l. 

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