Where To Find Eevee In Pokemon Sword & Shield

In this guide, you will come to know how to catch the Eevee in the Pokemon Sword & Shield. It is worth knowing, and you can enjoy your game more.

You can find the Eevee in the Pokemon Sword & Shield very easily. If you already have a Let’s Go, Evee! You will get the Evee at the very start and in no time. All you need to do is come over to the Town Map option and go to the train station location, as shown in the image below.

After getting into the station, you need to talk to the guy who will give you the Evee.

If you don’t have a Let’s Go, Evee!, you will need to go to the Town Map option and go to Route 4. There’s a bunch of wheatgrass on Route 4. It is very hard to find her because her colour matches the colour of the wheatgrass. You need to walk around the grass by keeping your eyes open. He is one of the rare Pokemon in the Pokemon Sword & Shield.  

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