Where to Find Gold in Subnautica

In this guide, you will come to know where to find Gold in Subnautica. You have to follow the instructions carefully to find it. 

Starting from the coral tube sticking up out of the water, you want to head southwest towards lifepod 19. 

It is recommended to have a sea moth with an MK1 or MK2 depth module, a high-capacity O2 tank, a sea glide, and a flashlight. There aren’t any threats in the area that you need to worry about.

The coords for the location are (-1344.2,  -315.8, -940.4).

Once you’re at lifepod 19, you have to start from it and head between west and northwest until you reach a large wreck.

Once you’ve reached the wreck, you will need to head 2 bumps to the right of southwest and west until you reach a large drop. Go down, and it will lead you to the sea treaders path.

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