Where To Find Jueyun Chili In Genshin Impact

Jueyun Chili is another ascension material you need to collect in Genshin Impact. After going through this guide, you will not have to search all over the map for these small items, adn you can get them easily. 

There are three locations to find Jueyun Chili in Genshin impact.

The first location is located near the Stone Gate. You need to go there and run along the cliff sides there.

Now, as you can see, the chili grows along the cliffs. So run through the cliffs, and you can easily find them there. 

Now there is another second spot to get the Jueyun chilies. When you go to the Qingce village, you will find a lot of chilies.

They are all scattered around the place, and if you have Qiqi, you put it on the mini-map. If you follow the routes and the cliffs in and out, you will find more over there. 

There will be the third spot in Qingce village near the last location where you find chilis. It’s easy after the first ascension, but the second ascension requires a bit more chilis. You can use them in cooking for the meal as well.

You will need to check on the interior around the houses of the village to find more chilis. And when you are done, you need to head out to the outskirts.

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