Where To Find Mist Flower Corolla In Genshin Impact

In this guide, you will find a way to find Mist Flower Corolla in Genshin Impact. You will need to use your pyro move to covert into a flower.           

At first, you have to go to Dawn Winery, as shown in the image below. You will find some ice enemies near the ice flowers, and they will fight with you.

When you reach the location, you have to bring them down. You will find three flowers; you need to use the pyro move to make a flower and then collect them easily. 

Now you are done with the three; there is only one left to complete the quest, as shown on the map below.

You have to go to the river, and you will find a waterfall in that area. So just climb up the cliff next to it, and there will be a little cave that goes under the waterfall. 

Hit the last flower and then collect it.

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