Where to find Myxostomata in Warframe

This guide will let you know where to find the Myxostomata in Warframe. 

Myxostomata’s can spawn in any hotspot area during Vome; it is highly recommended to bring processed Vome Residue to help the fish come out as they are quite rare. So if you don’t use the processed Vome Residue, it’s likely that it will take you some time before they spawn, and even if they spawn there’s likely only going to be a few of them. 

These are the two caves you can mainly go fishing at. However, if you prefer a different cave as your go-to fishing spot, then you should still be able to go there to find a hotspot to fish.

You can tell a water source is a hotspot because you will see a blueish/green glow coming from the water source, which means it’s a hotspot.

Unfortunately, you need to be rep level 4 with the Entrati to buy the processed Vome Residue from the daughter, so make sure your rep level is high enough, and you have the residue before you go out to fish. 

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