Where To Find Noctilucous Jade In Genshin Impact

This guide will let you know where to find the Noctilucous Jade in the Genshin Impact. You have to follow the given guide, and you will be able to know the possible locations from where you can get them.

You can get the Noctilucous Jades from the Mingyun Village. You will need to go to the exact marked location on the map, as shown in the image below. 

After getting to that location, you can get the Noctilucous Jade; the Arrow Lady with an exploding rabbit will be helpful for you. There are also many other locations available to get the Noctilucous Jade in the Genshin Impact

After getting them, you need to go to the Wangshu Inn. Bao’er will give you the invoice and then complete the quest. 

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