Where to Find Sea Crown Seeds – Subnautica

In this guide, you will come to know where to find the Sea Crown Seeds in Subnautica. 

Starting from the coral tube sticking up out of the water, you will need to head 1-2 bumps to the right of northeast until you reach Lifepod 12.

It is recommended to have a sea moth with an Mk1 Depth module, a high capacity O2 tank, a sea glide, and you will also need a knife.

The main threats you will encounter in the bulb zone are the ampeel, you have to avoid them as best as you can, and the bone shark, which you can avoid or kill using the stasis rifle and knife. 

The coordinates for this two locations are (1117,  -268,  568) and (200,  -1440,  -222).

Starting from the coral tube, you have to head about one bump or 1 in half bumps to the right of northeast until you reach one large drop in the bulb/zone with a large cave entrance.

It is recommended to have either a prawn suit with an Mk2 depth module or a cyclops with an Mk3 depth Module, an ultra or high capacity 02 tank, a sea glide, a knife, and a reinforced dive suit.

The main threats you will encounter in the lava zone are the sea dragon Leviathan, you have to avoid them, and the lava lizard you can either avoid or kill using the drill arm or knife and stasis rifle. You will also encounter the warper, which can warp you out of your vehicle unless you are in the Cyclops, so if it does, you can either run from it or do enough damage to it until it warps away.

It is the large entrance you are looking for.

Once you’ve gone into the entrance, you have to continue through the entrance until you reach a large hole that leads to the inactive lava zone. And there will be a ghost leviathan near the hole, so you have to be careful as you go down the hole.

It is the large hole your looking for.

Once you are in the inactive lava zone, you have to look for a hole like this and go down it, and it should take you to the lava lakes.

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