Where To Find The Keys For Arsenal Gate In Genshin Impact

This guide will learn where you can find the keys to open up the Arsenal Gate in Genshin Impact. You need three keys to open this gate.

The first key is located near the Tatarasuna, as shown on the map below.

After reaching the location, you have to go to the village. You have to fly down, and when you find the edge, jump in the air and find a chest on the rooftop. Open that chest and get your first key.

After getting the first key, you have to go to the second spot, located near the broken tower, as shown on the map below.

Now you will have to pass the electrical barrier to enter the tower. You will find a  chest inside of it, open that up and collect the second key. 

Now, you have to go to the third location, on the side of the cliff as shown on the map below.

After getting there, you need to drop yourself to the wooden barrier to find a chest. When you open it, you will find the last key.

After getting the keys, you have to jump and fly down to the gate. You have to open the Arsenal gate with the keys you have. When you enter through the gate, you have to run forward, and there you will find a chest and some robot enemies. You will have to bring them down. 

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