Where To Find Turffield Treasure Riddle In Pokemon Sword & Shield

This guide will let you know how to get the Turffield Treasure in the Pokemon Sword & Shield. It is worth knowing, and you can enjoy the game even more.

You can find the Turffield Treasure in the Pokemon Sword & Shield very easily and in no time. It is not very tough to solve a Turffield Treasure Riddle; all you need to do is come over to the Town Map option and go to the Turffield. It is between Route 4 and Route 5, as you can see on the map in the image below.  

After getting into the area, you need to find out the three big stones: the Grass Standing Stones. You can find them near a flower shop. You need to interact with them and then go to the Water Standing Stones.      

You need to take a right from the flower shop. After the right turn, you need to come straight and take a left. There you will find a stand near the Water Standing Stones

After that, you will need to go to the Fire Standing Stones. You have to go back in the direction of the flower shop. Instead of taking left to come over the shop, you have to go straight. There you will have one big stone. Now you will receive an Expert Belt reward. 

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