Where to Get Carnis, Jugulus, and Saxum mods in Warframe

In this guide, you will come to know where to get Carnis, Jugulus, and Saxum mods in Warframe.

Carmis, Saxum, and Jugulus mods can drop from a specific bounty found on Deimos/The necrotize.

The level mod you’re going to be looking for is level 25-30. You should see all Carnis, Jugulus, and Saxum Mods as possible rewards, each with different changes varying from common to rare.

Since it is an endless bounty, the rewards work differently than normal bounties. In rounds one and two, you’ll only get A rotation rewards, which are the common mods; on round 3, you’ll have a chance on each stage to get B rotation rewards which are either the common mods or the uncommon silver mods. 

In round 4, you will get C rotation rewards each round and have a chance at getting common and uncommon mods. You can also get the rare gold mods for each of the stages, and after round 4, the rotation order repeats starting from the beginning resetting every 4 rounds.

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