Where to Get Drifting Contact in Warframe

In this guide, you will come to know where to get the Drifting Contact in Warframe.

Drifting contact can drop as a B Rotation reward for completing nightmare missions on certain planets or completing certain objectives in nightmare rescue missions.

Planets that can drop B rotation rewards for nightmare missions are Phobos, Saturn, Jupiter, Ceres, Europa, the void, Deimos, and Lua. Unless you’re running a rescue mission, it doesn’t matter where you’re running it, but what objectives you complete while in the rescue mission will determine what rewards you will get.

Out of all the mods in its rewards pool, Drifting Contact has the higher drop chance. It shouldn’t take you an absurd amount of time to get the mod unless you’re unlucky.

Once you complete a nightmare mission, the Mode/planet you completed the mission on will not give you any more rewards if you run it again. If you don’t get the mod off of a planet, you will need to go to a different planet to get different rewards.

If you are doing a rescue nightmare mission, you have to do one of two things to get the B rotation rewards. You can kill all the wardens and save the hostage (But you will have to trip the alarms), or you can save the hostage and do it without tripping the alarms. 2 of the 3 objectives to get B rotation rewards (and the 3 objectives are, save the hostage, save the hostage without tripping the alarms and kill all the wardens.

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