Where to Get Fevered Peppers in Subnautica Below Zero

In this guide, you will come to know where to get the fevered peppers in Subnautica Below Zero. 

Starting from your lifepod, you will need to head about two bumps to the left of the south or just between south and southeast until you reach the delta station island. If you have the beacon for the island, you can also use it to get there. 

It is recommended to bring a sea truck or sea glide to reach the location faster and a high capacity O2 tank. You’re going to be on land, and you shouldn’t be there for very long before you find the fermented peppers.  

Once you reach the delta station island, you have to turn left and head about two bumps or one in half bumps to the right of the east until you reach a large iceberg that you can get on. It will have a cave not too far from its shore, which is a good indicator you at the right one. 

Once you get a fevered pepper, you can take it back to an indoor grow bed and place it there, and they will regrow.

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