Which Is The Best Fighting Style In King Legacy

In this guide, you will get to know which is the best fighting style in King Legacy.

We will compare three fighting styles.

  • 3 Sword Style.
  • Robo Style.
  • Dark Leg Style.

All these styles used to take down the NPC. The best style is Dark Leg but it depends on what you like which style you are facing as an enemy.

But if you fight with dark legs you will get damage if you don’t have ken haki.

And close range fights are rare; people fight in the air or do long range.

  • 3 sword style:

3 Sword Style hits the enemies with long ranged moves and provides a decent amount of damage to them. This style is good for farm but has two attacks only. 3 Sword Style deals 46000 damage in total in 15 hits. It uses buso haki.

Attacks used:

X3 triple slash attack deals 36000 damage. There are 4 to 5 hits in each attack. X3 tornado attacks provide 10000 damage. There is only one hit in each attack.

  • Dark leg style:


Dark Leg is a close range fighting style that provides good damage to the opponents. It is a really good style for farm and close range PvP fights. Dark Leg fighting style has three attacks. The Dark Leg fighting style provides 58000 damage in total 36 hits. Also uses haki and flame.

Attack used:

X2 spectre attack deals 34000 damage. There are 9 hits in one attack. X2 party provides 14000 damage and there are 8 hits in each attack.

The X2 shot deals 10000 damage to enemies. There is only one hit in each attack.

  • ROBO fighting style:


Robo is a medium range fighting style, it is considered as the best style for close PvP battles that provide good damage to the enemies. There are 4 attacks in the Robo fighting style. Robo style provides 56000 damage in total 26 hits. Uses buso haki.

Attack used:

X2 mega punch deals 6400 damage, X2 gun bullet attack provides 6000 damage to the enemies and X2 airbrust deals 10000 damage. There is only one hit in these attacks. X2 spit fire attack deals 34000 damage and there are 10 hits in each attack.


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