Who is the best GTA Main Character?

This guide will let you know who is the best character in GTA 5.

Round 1:


In the stamina round, Niko has the lowest stamina among other GTA characters that are Claude, Tommy, CJ and Franklin / Trevor / Michael.

Round 2:


Among the GTA main characters, Claude and Tommy can only jump max 3-5 feet height. Whereas CJ, Niko and Franklin/Trevor/Michael can jump most obstacles.

Round 3:


Claude and Tommy cannot swim in water. Niko can only swim but is not able to dive in the water. Whereas CJ and Franklin/Trevor/Michael can both swim and dive in water

Round 4:

Fighting Peds

In this round, Trevor is the winner due to killing by 2 hits and opposed to Trevor. Niko is a loser because he kills by 9 hits.Tommy and Franklin are second by kill with 3 hits. CJ and Michael are third by 4 hits whereas Claude is fourth by killing with 6 hits.

Round 5:


GTA 5 main character Franklin/Trevor/Michael is the winner as they can store 30+ weapons at one. CJ and Claud are the secondth with 11 weapons at a time whereas Tommy and Niko are losers with 8 weapons at a time.

Round 6:


(From Worst to best)

Claude is in fifth place with 2 score as the character can only drive a car and tank among a motorcycle, bicycle, aeroplane, fighter jet, helicopter and boat. While Niko is in fourth place with 5.5 as the character can only drive a boat, bicycle, aeroplane and fighter jet instead of motorbike, car, tank, helicopter. This character can just travel in the train as a passenger.

Tommy is in third place with 6 score as the character can drive most of the vehicles such as motorbike, car, tank, aeroplane, helicopter, boat instead of bicycle and fighter jet. Whereas Franklin/Trevor/Michael is the second place with score 9 as this character can drive all drives such as motorcycle, bicycle, car, tank, aeroplane, fighter jet, helicopter and boat with the bonus of submarine. And CJ comes in first place with 10 points as this character can drive all vehicles like motorbike, bicycle, car, tank, aeroplane, fighter jet, helicopter and boat with the bonus of Jetpack and train.

Round 7:

High Speed Crashes

Niko and Franklin/Trevor/Michael crash if they fell out in the car whereas Claude, Tommy and CJ won’t.

Round 7

Existing Moving Cars

If Tommy and CJ are the winner as if the character exits while driving the car, they get hurt a little bit. Niko and Franklin/Trevor/Michael can die if they exit in the car and Claude can’t exit while driving the car.

Round 7

Exiting Moving Bikes

Tommy and CJ won’t be harmed if they exit in moving bikes whereas Niko and Franklin/Trevor/Michael can die.

Round 10:

Special things about them

(Everyone is winner in this round)

Claude can cut off legs/arms with bullets.

Claude can’t be shot inside the car.

Tommy brutally kills with chainsaw.

Tommy can drive a car on water with cheats.

CJ can change his body shape which also affects running and combat etc.

CJ can fly the cars with cheats.

Niko is the most realistic GTA Character ever.

GTA V characters can interact with animals.

All three characters of GTA V have their own special powers as Franklin possesses slow motion driving, Michael slow motion shooting and Trevor have more rage power.

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