Wood Farming Guide – Minecraft

This guide will let you know how to set up an easy tree farm and make 7000+ wood logs per hour.

Material Needed:

You’d need the following items:

96x Building Blocks

2x Chest

2x Water Buckets

6x Ladders

1x Hopper

1x Slab

Follow these steps to make the farm:

Step 1: You have to start by finding a flat area where you can build on.

Step 2: Place 20 blocks next to each other in that area.

Step 3: Now go to the end of the line and extend it with 17 blocks.

Step 4: Great now connect them, and it should look like a big square.

Step 5: Just like this.

Step 6: Now you have to make an infinite water source.

Step 7: It will allow you to take water out for an unlimited amount of time.

Step 8: Go to the 20-block long side, and place water like this on that side.

Step 9: You need to fill up the whole line with water.

Step 10: If you did everything correctly, it should flow like this.

Step 11: Remove the grass in front of the water.

Step 12: Also remove the grass blocks here.

Step 13: Once you’ve done that, you can remove one grass layer under the water.

Step 14: You should end up with one line like this if done correctly.

Step 15: Go down by one block and extend to the end.

Step 16: Get yourself a water bucket.

Step 17: Remove blocks like this.

Step 18: Do the same thing for the last 4 blocks.

Step 19: Now turn around and dig out by 3 blocks.

Step 20: Block the water off so that it’s easier to make your sorting system.

Step 21: Go down by one block and place your chests.

Step 22: Now connect your hopper to this chest.

Step 23: It is recommended to check if it’s connected correctly.

Step 24: Place a slab above the chest so the water stops flowing.

Step 25: You can now close it off if you want.

Step 26: Dig a little bit further and go up.

Step 27: It is your collection system.

Step 28: Find the middle of your water pool.

Step 29: Once you found the middle, go up by 5 blocks.

Step 30: Place ladders on the dirt to go up and down easily.

Step 31: You will need one extra water bucket and place it below this dirt block.

Step 32: Go on top of your dirt tower and make a 3×2 platform.

Step 33: Get yourself spruce saplings and place them in this pattern.

Step 34: You can stand here and bonemeal it to speed up the growing process.

Step 35: Mine up via this stair method to easily get all the wood.

Step 36: To go down, you need to mine the blocks below you.

Step 37: All the saplings, sticks, apples, and lost logs will fall into the water.

Step 38: Just repeat the process, and drop the wood in the water to have extra space.

Step 39: This method will give 7,000 logs per hour!

Step 40: As you can see, you got a lot of wood from such a short session.

Step 41: Everything will fall into the water, and you don’t have to use bonemeal if you don’t want.

Step 42: Just wait for the tree to grow.

Step 43: Once it had grown, you can mine it and repeat the process.