WoW Classic dungeons become available as you reach Level 10 and can be accessed throughout different level ranges till you reach Level 60. Dungeons allow you take a break from leveling as it can become repetitive after a while and give you a chance to get gear upgrades that will allow you to cruise through upcoming levels much faster and more efficiently. Some of this gear is just as badass aesthetically as it functionally and is occasionally worth more than even quest rewards. In addition to that, every once in a while, you also get access to notable loot that serves you good for quite some time, and lastly there are some flavor items because why not! 

Most of the dungeons in the WoW Classic allow up to ten players at once unlike the retail version which limits you to just five. This makes completing them a lot easier and the rewards that much tempting. The only dungeons with a five-player limit include Scholomance, Blackrock Depths and Stratholme (Both Alive and Undead Sides) 

One important thing to note here is that while you can enter the dungeons starting at level 10, it’s a good idea to go up a few levels rather than entering at the minimum level required. You will start getting whopped the moment you get in and it kills the experience.   

First things first, get a group. You absolutely need one to keep this adventure fun. If you don’t have a group that does dungeons together while levelling, you can find plenty of players facing the same dilemma online. 

Group Composition: 

With the right gear and an efficient group, you can breeze through the dungeons quite effectively while collecting loot, gear and other upgrades. 

It is a good idea to start with one tank, one healer and three DPS. Tanks absorb damage and prevent enemies from killing healers and DPS. Warriors, Protection Paladins and Feral Druids can tank. A healer resurrects dead players and keeps the party alive. Holy Priest, Restoration Druids, Restoration Shaman and Holy Paladins can heal. All classes can DPS but the most effective are Mage, DPS Warrior, Warlock, Rogue, and Hunter. 

Now let’s get to the list. It is again advised to enter a dungeon when you are at the recommended level instead of the minimum. We are going to include both regardless. 

Ragefire Chasm (Horde) Minimum Level= 10 Recommended Level= 13-18 
Wailing Caverns Minimum Level= 10 Recommended Level= 15-25 
The Deadmines  (Alliance) Minimum Level= 10 Recommended Level= 18-23 
Shadowfang Keep Minimum Level= 14 Recommended Level= 22-30 
The Stockade (Alliance) Minimum Level= 15 Recommended Level= 22-30 
Blackfathom Deeps Minimum Level= 15 Recommended Level= 20-30 
Gnomeregan Minimum Level= 19 Recommended Level= 24-34 
Scarlet Monastery Minimum Level= 21 Recommended Level= 26-45 
Razorfen Kraul Minimum Level= 25 Recommended Level= 30-40 
Uldaman Minimum Level= 30 Recommended Level= 35-45 
Maraudon                          Minimum Level= 30 Recommended Level= 46-55 
Razorfen Downs Minimum Level= 35 Recommended Level= 40-50 
Zul’Farrak Minimum Level= 39 Recommended Level= 44-54 
Temple of Atal’Hakkar Minimum Level= 45 Recommended Level= 55-60 
Blackrock Depths Minimum Level= 48 Recommended Level= 52-60 
Lower Blackrock Spire Minimum Level= 48 Recommended Level= 55-60 
Upper Blackrock Spire Minimum Level= 48 Recommended Level= 55-60 
Dire Maul Minimum Level= 48 Recommended Level= 55-60 
Stratholme Minimum Level= 48 Recommended Level= 58-60 
Scholomance Minimum Level= 48 Recommended Level= 58-60 

Dungeons that are labelled either Horde or Alliance have quests available for these particular factions, you can only enter as an opposing faction and you won’t have access to quests associated with these dungeons. 

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