Yeet Legends Codes 2022

Roblox Yeet Legends tasks the players to yeet their way through monsters and noobs to become the ultimate yeeter. You will earn cash as a reward, and you can use it to buy power and upgrades. Launch yourself into the stratosphere and discover new areas 

Active Codes

10KLikesUse it to get a 5 minute coin boost
1KLikesUse it to get a 5 minute coin boost
5KLikesUse it to get a 5 minute coin boost
YEETUse it to get 100 Coins & 20 Gems

How to use codes in YEET Legends?

In Roblox YEET Legends, the first thing you do is look for a Twitter button. This will open up a window that shows you code redemption instructions. To redeem, copy the code and paste it into the box. Click redeem to get your reward!

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