Zenonzard Cards Tier List 2022 (Best Characters Ranked)

Zenonzard Artificial Card Intelligence is a digital card game for mobile phones. It gives you the feature to compete against AI and also against other players sitting in different parts of the world. You can also buddy up with AI and get advice to use the cards. 

The most prominent characters in tier S are Orka The Turbulent and Lachesis Decider of Fate; they are the best in the business. The top characters in tier A are Jade Karajan, The Maestro, and Wallace The Courageous. 

The leading characters in tier B are Magma Fang, Lord of Blazefires, and Rekindled The Shadow, while the top ones in tier C are Solo and Ziren Binder of Souls. Harding The Soaring Beast and Aegis Origins 02 rank in tier D, Rory Brute of the Forest, and Khan Three Head Monkey King ranks in tier E.

Table of Contents

    S Tier

    Orka The Turbulent
    Lachesis Decider of Fate
    Alezan King of the Deep
    Belphegor King of Sorrow

    A Tier

    Jade Karajan The Maestro
    Wallace The Courageous
    Vahn Jean Bearer of Fruition
    Eleksai Lord of Thunderstrikes
    Flare Zaura The Superior
    Baldrod The Blazing Demon

    B Tier

    Magma Fang Lord of Blazefires
    Rekindled The Shadow
    Cedar Treewalker The Chiliad
    Frieren Lord of Dreadfrosts

    C Tier

    Ziren Binder of Souls
    Vicerave The King
    Victoria The Gilded Knight
    Marya Knight of Poseido

    D Tier

    Harding The Soaring Beast
    Aegis Origins 02
    Griphone Machine of the Arctic
    Solrakia Lord of Sunflares

    E Tier

    Rory Brute of the Forest
    Khan Three Head Monkey King
    Amelia The Swift Dragon Rider
    Helix The Tri Lance
    Amelia The Drifter

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