10 Golds You Should Never Ignore – MK Mobile

The gold cards are very important if you want to complete the tower. In this guide, you will find ten characters who are highly beneficial to the tower. These 10 characters are also for you if you are a beginner considering what character should be purchased and what’s not. All of them are greatly significant.

The Collection

Cassie Cage (Covert Ops): All spec ops teammates have a 25% chance of unblockable attacks with Cassie Cage. She has a deadly SP2. Another important thing she has is Cripple, through which she disables all the special attacks of the opponents.

So, she is very important if you want to clear the tower. The best thing is Cassie Cage’s price which is 250 souls only.

Johnny Cage (Kombat Cup): Johnny adds +15% to attack, health, and toughness for all Kombat Cup characters on the team. Including when an opponent tries to tag out, there is a 50% chance of him getting stunned, particularly when you are fighting against the regeneration team or the Bosses.

Johnny Cage drains power in SP1, which is highly useful in boss fights. Therefore, if you ever find this card in 450 Souls, you should never miss it.

Hanzo Hasashi (Scorpion): Hanzo gives a 50% chance to apply Bleed on combo enders and a 10% chance on basic attacks, including fire damage. His bleed DOTs can stack.

Martial Artists have a chance for 50% of the power cost for special attacks against enemies affected by Bleed. He does great against the Assassin team. This card’s price is usually 450 souls at the store.

Sonya Blade (Kombat Cup): The special ability of this character is when you will tag in for the first time through this character, she will show the active opponent that a red card fails recovery and power generation, and in short, everything will fail. Further, even if the opponent has 2 or 3 bars of power, it will reduce them to zero.

If Sonya Blade is used against a regeneration team, to whichever character of the opponent team, she shows a red card. When he returns after getting down two of his team members, he will not be able to generate the power. If you use her with any other Kombat Cup character like Johnny Cage, all the Kombat Cup will be immune to stun.

Tanya (Treacherous): She is particularly useful in the boss fights. If the boss fight modifiers do not have written indestructibility, you can destroy their equipment using Tanya.

This will lessen their attacks and not their health. This character can be gotten from the store in 450 Souls.

Klassic (Scorpion): It is a bit difficult to have this character since it is found in blood rubies. But if the Allied Aerer or Alder Woodpack comes, there is a 35% chance that it can also be found in them.

Scorpion is outstanding, and one of the best things about this character is whenever you do more than 80% damage in SP1. He will drag out the opponent team’s weakest member by health and apply Bleed on him. So, if you are fighting against the regeneration team, this character is very useful.

Dark (Raiden): He is one of the best characters in the game. His passive is great, but his attack is not that impressive. Bleed, fire, and poison heal him instead of damaging him.

And power drain increases his power rather than decreasing. Another special ability of this character is if you use Dark Raiden in a Dark Magic battle. For this reason, he is greatly beneficial for Dark Magic battles.

Sub-Zero (LK-520 Triborg)

He is the deadliest character in the game. If you make a special attack with this character, it will contain all three Triborg’s negative effects of SP1 and hit the active opponent simultaneously.

For example, if you attack through Triborg Sub-Zero, the opponent will suffer from frostbite, fire damage, and power drain simultaneously. Their synergy is almost the deadliest. Every Triborg character will receive 50% critical damage if the opponent is already frostbitten.

Klassic (Ermac)

This character is not that useful in normal battles but in boss fights. Because in boss fights, he gives 10% background damage to the opponent team for around 30 seconds.

Damages the opponent even after getting destroyed. If you don’t have max out diamond team, you can easily use Klassic Ermac, although it could take a bit longer.

Klassic (Sonya Blade)

She is an outstanding character in the game. She gives a Seal break in SP1 that enhances critical damage to 100%. The normal damage may also be increased up to 50%. Further, Sony Blade’s SP1 damage and seal break affect the entire team.

If you are using Spec Ops characters with this Sonya Blade, this will ignore the opponent’s toughness. Toughness is like defence; if it gets low, there will be more damage to the opponent. You can upgrade this character, which is very advantageous in the battles. It can be purchased from the store in 450 Souls.

As A Whole

All the Challenge characters in the game come for 450 Souls. There are so many other characters which can be beneficial for the survival mode in the game.