10 Lamp Designs for New Players in Minecraft

This guide will provide you with 10 Lamp Designs for new players in Minecraft. 

Design 1

You can use the new shroom lights to make some cool colored lamps, and these will fit well with a nether base.

Design 2

You can invert the daylight sensors; the inverted sensor will send a signal when it gets dark. You can use it to make automatic garden lights, save Redstone electricity, and save the environment.

Design 3

This design almost looks like end rods, and it will work perfectly for the lab.

Design 4

A simple medieval-looking lamp post is a cool hanging lamp design with very different use of signs. It fits well above a dining table.

Design 5

You can make some cool lamps using end rods as the stand. Stacking two makes it a floor lamp, while a single end rod makes it a table lamp. It’s useful in modern and stylish builds.

Design 6

A bee nest doesn’t light up, but its texture makes for a pretty lamp.

Design 7

The levers are connected nicely with chains; it makes for an easy wall-mounted lantern. 

Design 8

Maybe you want to be able to turn on/off your lamp; here’s a way to hide a lever in a ceiling lamp.

Design 9

Here is another lamp post design, which you can fit in both a modern city and a medieval one.

Design 10

You have to make sure the hoppers all point downwards and the chains go well with hoppers. It does look very heavy and great for a castle or luxurious hall.

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