100% Completion Guide – GTA Advance

This guide is a summary of all the missions and side missions required to achieve 100% completion in Grand Theft Auto for game boy advance.

It is possible to complete the game 100% with the use of cheats. Differently from all the other titles in the series, there are no rewards for completing the game 100%


Complete all 41 storyline missions.

Vehicle missions 

You will need to chase down and kill 20 criminals per island in Vigilante.

And also complete level 12 in Paramedic.

You can extinguish 20 fires per island in Firefighter.

You can complete 100 fares in Taxi driver.


You will need to collect all 100 Hidden packages.


You can complete all 21 Rampages in the game.

Street Races

You have to win the 6 races in Portland.

Also, win the 6 Races in Staunton Island. 

You will need to win the 6 Races in Shoreside Vale.


You need to win a full match of demolition football.

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