21 IKEA House Furniture Design Ideas – Minecraft

This guide will provide you with 21 IKEA house furniture design ideas in Minecraft. 

Table of Contents

    Simple Closet Design

    This one is classic, a simple closet. You can also make it more functional. You can put tons of different things in your closet and experiment with hangers, storage, Narnia, etc.

    Lamp Design

    Here is a super simple way to make a lamp; the items you need aren’t the simplest to get, though. Here’s both a table lamp and a floor lamp version because you have to use end rods, so they light up.

    Here’s another super simple one, a really easy but pleasing detail to add to your interior. 

    These designs just got a lot cooler with the new blocks. 

    Bar B-Q Grill

    The smoke can go through the block above the campfire, a simple bar b-q grill, and it’s even functional when using the smokers. For another version, the loom kind of looks like grill gates; these look great just outside your house.

    Basic Chair Design

    These are always useful for a few basic chair designs to know about if it isn’t enough for you.

    Potted Plants

    There are a lot of ways to make bigger potted plants. They are really useful when decorating your house! 

    Bookshelf Design

    Have an empty wall in your house? Worry not; you can easily create some interesting bookshelf designs. The first one is modern and cool looking; the hardest part is placing the stairs. Finally! The next one is a little easier. 

    Bunk Bed Design

    Small bedroom for two? You can use this cute bunk bed design.  

    Hidden Dispenser Design

    Another simple one to get you started in the kitchen. You can even add a hidden dispenser to make it functional.

    Cat Tower Design

    If you find a cat, it will be perfect for you. This cat tower design is not just for looks. Cats also love it; it’s a compact and elegant design, easy to add to your house. Let’s see how the cats react. They will immediately want to relax on the bed and even climb the tower sometimes.

    Bathroom Design

    Here is one for the bathroom; the first one works best if you have an indent on your wall. You can use end rods and a banner in a crafty way; you can use looms to imitate drain grates. Here comes the 200-IQ banner move, a simple shower curtain with folds in it.

    Cabinets and Shelves Design

    IKEA has a bunch of cool storage solutions. Here are some simple ones that you can use around the house, cabinets, and shelves! 

    Colorful Coral Design

    The fire coral fans make for a soft-looking rug; it’s also possible to get a colored soft rug. Waterlogging the floor keeps the colorful coral from dying. You can come up with your interesting rug patterns and experiment with the other coral types.

    Stove Design

    Here’s a simple stove design to get you started if you don’t have a kitchen.

    Sink Design

    Another one for the bathroom is a quick and easy sink. 

    Sofa Design

    You can step up your sofa game with this design.

    Bathtub Design

    There are loads of really interesting possibilities; you can add pillows by banners. Here is a pretty basic one, just a super simple bathtub design.

    Table Design  

    You can place it in the middle of the room or by a wall. If by a wall, you might want to add a tripwire hook as well. Finally, some excellent basic table designs. 

    Office Setup Design

    You can, of course, use any material you want. If these designs are not enough for you, here’s a super simple office setup. A sleek-looking laptop, you can also add this mouse to the side.

    Trash Can Design

    It is simple trash can design, generally safer than having lava in your house. You don’t get too close, or it might sting.

    Bedroom Design

    A good night’s sleep is very important. It doesn’t take much to make your bedroom look extra comfy. 

    Tent Design

    It is another detailed design that is also useful. You also can turn this basic tent design into a home. 

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