9 Easy Build Hacks for Fun in Minecraft

This guide will provide you with many sports and fitness build hacks. You can have real fun making these builds in your Minecraft world. 

Table of Contents

    Basketball Hoop

    The first one is a classic, but there are many versions. A clean-looking basketball hoop, and here is a detailed compact design. 

    Pool Table

    Here is a pool table with pool cues. You can play pool anytime on it. 


    A pretty cool design that you might use in a gym. It’s somewhat complex to pull off, but it’s worth the trouble. You can use the layers of snow to position the armor stands, and now you need armor stands looking straight ahead. This part can take quite a while if you’re not lucky. 

    You have to line up the “necks” of the armor stands. 

    These caps will form the conveyor belt.

    Now you need a final one in the middle; you can use a cobblestone wall to line up the armor stand. You can add a little display here at the front; this could be where you choose your pace and so on. Now you need the rest of the gym. 

    Ping Pong Table

    It is a compact ping-pong table, and the snowball is a big ping-pong ball. For one of those functional designs, slime blocks will make you bounce even through the carpet. It’s fun to play around with. 

    Barbell Weight

    Here are some simple barbell weight designs to help you put on some muscle. 

    Bowling Alley

    Lecterns make for a great gutter or channel down the side end rods kind of look like bowling pins. Add a few lanes, and you will have a bowling alley. 

    Punching Bag

    A quick one, you can use the chain item for a punching bag. 

    Climbing Wall

    It’s a pretty niche design; you first need an interesting wall design and add different difficulty climbing paths. Here’s a super-duper compact design. 

    Dartboard Cabinet

    It’s pushing the limits of how much you can fit in a block of space. It’s an open dartboard cabinet with doors holding darts. It takes a bit of imagination, but it’s pretty cool at a bar.

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