A Universal Time How To Get A Lot Of Money Fast?

This guide will tell you how you can get a lot of money fast in A Universal Time game. Just go through the guide and follow all the instructions to get a lot of money.

You need to get yourself a vip server. You can buy it with 50 robux or use your friend’s.

You must have it in order to get tons of money. Now, find Black Market Guy and here you can sell your items for money.

You want to get these items and sell them to him. This way is faster than killing Dio boss, Dio Brando or collecting the money.

So, afk at your vip for a long time and wait for the items to spawn. Also, you have to turn on potato mode and turn off music sound in the setting while afk, so you won’t crash.

Get yourself an autoclicker to stay on the server.

So, 1 hour has passed now, let’s check the items.

Camera but you can’t sell it.

Ah yes, holy diary which means you got $300,000 now.

Next item spawn location.

Arrow, roka and money. You also got a requiem arrow.

Requiem arrow again and 3 holy diary, got $900,000.

Let’s sell your items and see what you can get.

That’s how you get a lot of money.

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