Acting Career Guide – Sims 4

This guide will provide everything you need to know about a complete acting career in The Sims 4

Acting is the best career for gaining fame. After entering into this career, you first have to join an agency from an AI Staffing Agency or Everyday Extras Talent Agency.

When you reach level four in your career, you will have two more agencies. To start, you need to choose A. I staffing agency because they will send you messages to tell you when to shower and all of the agencies are relatively similar. You can also change agency at any time. Once you start your career, you will see that you have no scheduled workdays, so you have to complete gigs to get promoted, which is a two-step process. 

The first step is auditioning, you have to check what open auditions are available from the career panel, or you can also use the check for gigs option from your phone. Different gigs require different tasks to complete, so now you have to pick the audition with the skill level of four, and you need to get there before the audition begins.

For the auditions, you have to ensure that you have the required skill level and put your sim in a confident mood. The best way to get your sim in a confident mood is to brush their teeth before work. When you pass the audition, you have to shift your focus toward the gig itself. 

When you have the new gig, you will see a series of preparation tasks on your work panel that you need to perform. It is important how you perform during your active day at work. The most straightforward preparation task to do is to work on your skill. For this, you need to spend some time honing the skill. 

The next task you have to complete is to develop a friendship with your co-stars, and there is an option on your career panel on your phone where you can invite directors and co-stars to your house. Once they are there, you have to complete friendly interactions with them. You will also need to research an emotion like flirty, playful or angry, and then you have to perform corresponding socials while in that mood state. When your sim has this task, you will be able to click on your sim and choose research anger emotion. 

Having a range of emotional paintings in your house will help you achieve the required moodlet by viewing the emotional work. The next task is to perform some specific scenes like romance or action scenes with other sims. You can also unlock different scenes from various acting skill levels like you will get a task to perform a locked scene because of your current level, so you have to spend some time honing your acting skill to level up fast in the skill. 

Once you talk with the director to start your performance, you cannot complete any preparation tasks, so you have to complete them before the performance. Your workday performance bar and your tasks are located on the top left side of the screen, and when you complete the task, it will be replaced by another task. 

If you give better performance and finish with a full gold bar will always give you a promotion. The pre-performance tasks are elementary to do, and you have to use social media and rehearse or chat with your co-stars, and then you need to eat a meal with them.

It would help if you made sure to get your makeup and hair cut before the performance, and you will also find two rooms on the side of the studio. When you get there, you need to click on the makeup chair in the makeup room or click on the small podium in the fitting room to get your makeup and hair done. 

When you are ready, you have to tell your director that you are ready to perform from the options, and then after that, you have to start a performance. There will be three to six acting scenes which you have to perform. You will find a mark on the ground that will glow when they want the work tasks to be performed by you, so you have to click on the task and start performing it.

If you fail in your performance, you will not get any performance boost; a safe completion will give you a small boost, and risky completion will give you a double performance boost. If you complete the preparation task, you will enable the risky option, and if you fail in the risky option, you will get nothing from it. 

There are three main perk trees with five tiers, so you have to start with a noticeable perk when you reach a one-star celebrity, and it will help you get fame quickly across the board. When you reach level two-star celebrity, you can get CelebuSerum perk which is a helpful potion, and you will receive it in your mailbox. It increases skill gains and puts you in certain moods, and also it will help you a lot to prepare for a gig, as shown in the image below. 

When you reach a three-star celebrity, you will get an established name perk, which will allow your sim to skip auditions and also, you don’t need to do hair and makeup during the daytime on set. It will make your career load easier, and if your sim has a side hustle, you will also receive more money from royalties or selling crafted goods. 

When you are a four-star celebrity, you will get a career hopper perk which will allow you to switch careers and join others at higher levels, and you can also rejoin past careers at the level where you left. When you are a five-star celebrity, you will get an easy street perk that will double your paycheque, and you can earn up to ten thousand Simoleons from a single gig.

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