Black Streets Complete Document Locations – Asterigos: Curse of the Stars

There are 18 documents in Black streets in Asterigos: Curse of the Stars. This guide will provide you with all the locations of these documents.

  1. Slave Registration document

First, you need to make your way to the Black Streets, and you will find a huge wooden area. Go to the left side, and you will find the first document hanging on the wall of a house.

2. Ponte Academy recruitment poster

To find the next one, head inside the wooden area, turn right, and go to the back. A document will be hanging on the wall just close to the graffiti.

3. Warning notice

Afterward, head to the left side, and you will have your third document in the column.

4. Baraad wanted poster

To find the fourth document, you need to go straight and enter the tunnel. There will be a poster on the right side of the wall.

5. Resonator Policy Flyer

The next document is located near the Crawling monster echo. It will be hanging on the column.

6. Transportation Records

After that, head upstairs you will find the document just outside the Quintus shop. But you have to kill Quintus and then grab the document from the top of the table.

7. Quintus Storage and Laurel craft transaction records

The seventh document is inside the Quintus shop. Just go inside and you will find it under the ramp.

8. Comedy Snippet

The eighth document will be available once you reach the secondpart of the Black Streets. Go to the left side and you will find the eighth document on the floor.

9. Discarded Scripts and Journal

You will find the ninth document in the same place.

10. Vandalized Election flyer

After that, move down from the stairs and go to the right side. You will find another document at the post.

11. Anonymus Diary

The next document is located on the same floor inside the house that doesn’t have a door.

12. Gang member wanted poster

The next document is also in the same area hanging in this column.

13. Dead Soldier’s Journal (1)

You can only get the next document after fighting Baraad. Go to the upper level of Baraad ‘s Throne Room, then pass through the open area and head straight until you get inside the tunnel. After that, turn right, go to the end of the hallway, turn left and you’ll find your 13th document.

15. Dead Soldier’s Journal (2)

Head inside the torture chamber, clear the enemies there and you will find the second Journal on the other side of this area.

You will find the next document inside the first area of the War Ax and Camp. There will be a document on top of a table on the corner opposite of the door.

16. Old Ledger

The 16th document is in the treasure room below Baraad throne room. You will find it on the table on the leftside of this area.

17. Invitation

You will find the next document just right to it.

18. Stack of letters

The final document is going to be on the floor in this area.