Advanced Skin Customization Mod: How To Download & Install In Minecraft

The ADVANCED SKIN CUSTOMIZATION MOD provides you with a wide range of customization options. You can change the physical appearance of your character as you like. It also gives a realistic first-person view that repeats the actions of the player.

Follow the following steps to install Advanced Skin Customization in Minecraft 1.15.2:

  • The first thing you will need to do is to download the Minecraft Forge from the website below.

  • And you also have to download the advanced skin customization from the website below.

  • Launch the Minecraft launcher and select the minecraft java edition. Then select the latest release and hit the PLAY button.
  • Latest program will start downloading.
  • Once the latest Minecraft program has been downloaded, click on Quit Game.
  • Type windows+r to open the run dialog box, type %appdata% in it and clickOK.
  • After that, follow this directory “appdataroaming.minecraftversions.
  • While keeping the version folder open, double click on the forge installer that was downloaded earlier and hit the Install button.
  • Click on OK.
  • A new folder with the name of forge will be created in the versions folder.
  • Now run the minecraft launcher, select forge and hit the PLAY button.
  • Check the box and hit the Play.
  • As the minecraft interface appears, click on mods. The setup file will start downloading.
  • As the minecraft interface appears, click on Mods.
  • Check whether the right program is installed and then press Done.
  • Then click on Quit Game.
  • After that, run the appdata command again, follow this directory “appdataroaming.minecraftmods”, past the downloaded files in the mods folder.
  • Launch the minecraft launcher again, make sure that forge is selected and hit the PLAY  button.
  • Click on Mods.
  • After that, click on Advanced Skin Customization to check either it is installed and then press Done.
  • As the minecraft game interface comes, click on Singleplayer.
  • Then click on “Create new world”.
  • Click on “More world options…”
  • After that, turn on Allow Cheats and Bonus Chest, then press Done.
  • After that, click on “Create new world”.
  • This interface will come after sometime.
  • After that, go to the game menu and click on option and then click on Controls…
  • Scroll down and look for advanced skin customization keys.
  • As it gets navigated to the gameplay, go to advanced skin customization and click on GUI Settings.
  • Here you can turn on or off the settings according to your preference.
  • After clicking on Done, more features of advanced skin customization can be explored and to get into more deeper click on the settings icon.
  • Here you can change the dressing according to your choice and then press Done.
  • Start exploring the mods and enjoy the game.
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