Advanced Tips for the Musket – New World

In this guide, you will find out eight advanced tips for Musket in New World. The players can use them to proceed further in the game.  

1. The musket auto reloads unsheathed; the reloading animation takes 2 seconds.

But if you swap weapons right after shooting, it will auto-reload after 2 seconds.

You can use this to shoot once with another weapon count at least 2s on before swapping to Musket again. If you swap earlier, you will still be able to do the whole animation.

2. Avoid Reloading Exhausted

The animation is longer when you have no stamina.

3. You have to use Tactical Reload for more shots over time.

4. Pre-load your overload shots.

They don’t expire if you swap weapons and not even logging out. 

5. Adjust your Field of View and Camera Speed

The higher camera speed makes it harder to aim. It is recommended to use the lowest possible (10).

It may be possible to go even lower on ‘usersettings’ file (untested) X: Users YOUR_USER AppData Roaming AGS New World savedata on field=”m_cameraSensitivity Multiplier” edit this value=”0.0134336″ <

6. Overload your shots right after shooting.

The point is not to waste time reloading if you are going to overload.

shot > dodge+shot > overload right after.

7. You can use Hustle to have a perma 10% move speed bonus.

Unsheathe right after dodging for faster animation.

8. Don’t rely on headshot builds 24.

It is recommended to go for Trapper ultimate Humboldte and stack damaging passives with debuffs.

Standard shots between combos can hit for up to 1 57% weapon damage!

> Stopping power (8s slow) 

+20% dmg from ‘Lethal combo 

+10% dmg from ‘Kick Em when they are down 

+5% dmg from ‘Empowering weakness’

> Powder burn (+5s slow with perk) 

+12% dmg from ‘Backdraft’

+10% dmg if under 30% hp from ‘Salt on the wounds’ 

+10% Armor penetration from ‘Weakened defense

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