All Animals In Roblox The Wild West

This guide will let you know which are the five animals that you can hunt in the Wild West game.


You can hunt deer with one shot in the head with a sniper. It does not attack you and run away if you get close to it.

It drops animal meat ($50) and deer pelt (rare) ($50).


Bear is hostile and can damage you a lot. It takes three sniper shots at the head to kill. The bears and deers can spawn in the tribal forests. Bear drops animal meat ($50) and bear pelt (rare) ($140). And bear claws are very rare and cost $160.


Gators spawn in the swamp near tribal forests. And take two sniper headshots to kill it. They can drop animal meat ($50) Gator skin ($55). And Gator teeth are very rare and cost $100.


Bison spawn in the plains near Windmill camp and also NW of Bronze City. They can attack you but can be killed easily with just a sniper in the head. Bison drops animal meat ($50) and Bison pelt ($100).


It spawns in a cave near Outlaw’s Perch. You will need to find a cave to kill snakes. Be careful while going into caves because it can poison you. It takes one sniper shot to kill. And drops rare rattlesnake venom which sells for $110.

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