All Sniper Rifles in Apex Legends

Sniper rifles have a special scope, and you can use them in medium and long-range combat. You can make use of the scope to trigger the headshot. The damage output and accuracy of Sniper rifles are very high.

Rifle NamesDescription
Charge RifleThe Charge Rifle is a sniper rifle that fires a single shot at a time. It takes 1.25 seconds to charge up, and the shot will travel for up to 150 meters. It does 4×15 + 56 (1.25×) (<150m) damage to the head and 3×15 + 45 (<150m) damage to the body and legs at up to 150 meters. The Charge Rifle holds eight shots in its magazine.
Longbow DMRThe Longbow DMR is a sniper rifle that fires one shot at a time. It uses sniper ammo, a type of ammo designed for use in sniper rifles. The Longbow DMR has a rate of fire of 78 rounds per minute. It can cause up to 118 damage to an opponent’s head, 55 damage to their body, and 44 damage to their legs. It has a 6, 8, 10, or 12 rounds magazine size.
Kraber .50-Cal SniperThe Kraber .50-Cal Sniper is a sniper rifle that fires single shots; it uses Supply Drop Sniper Ammo, which has a rate of fire of 25 RPM. The projectile speed is 29500 UPS, and the rechamber time is 1.60 seconds. The head damage is 435 (3×), the body damage is 145, and the legs damage is 116 (0.8×). The magazine size is 4.
SentinelThe Sentinel is a sniper rifle that can fire single shots; it has a high projectile speed and a long deadeye’s. It takes 1.6 seconds to rechamber and 1.25 seconds to take a deadeye’s shot. It does 140 damage to the head, 176 damage to the body, and 63 damage to the legs.

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