All Tera Type Transformations Jewels in Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

In this guide, you will find out all Tera Type Transformations Jewels in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

The first one is normal, it is a simple diamond ring, as shown in the image below.

The next one is the fire, there is a set of candles at the top of the Pokemon’s head.

Now let’s head on to water This one is quite clear and it’s water, not ice.

The next one is grass, there are flowers at the top of the head.

Electric looks like Pikachu with a little light bulb on the head.

The next one is ice. It has a very simple shape with nice glow.

Wild is this sort of giant and it is quite unique.

The next one is Poison. It is a basically a skull and crossbones.

The Ground looks like a small Earth structure at the top of the head.

Now let’s head to Flying. There are balloons at the top and it looks really nice.

Psychic is the eyeballs or the All-Seeing Eye. it looks nice as well.

The next one is Bug. It has two technical things on the head.

Here comes Rock, there is a small building on the head along with little pillars.

Let’s move on to Dark. It has a cheeky grinning face.

Dragon is quite simple having a giant dragon on top of the head. It also has wings.

The next one is Steel. It is a sharp-looking axe.

The next one is Fairy. It is basically a heart with wings.

The last one is ghosts that look scary.