Anime Girls with Drill Hairstyles

All girls love to have attractive hair and if you’re anything like me, then you’ve got a few celebrity hairstyles in mind that you’d like to try out. Check out this list of anime girls with drill hairstyles for some inspiration!

Ravel Phenex

Ravel Phenex is a young anime girl, her nickname is “Daughter of the Phenex Clan”. She is a pure-blood devil and a strategist. 

She is also known as the useless grilled-chicken princess, the bird girl, the birdy, and the bird. Her hair is blonde, and she has dark blue eyes. Her mother is Lady Phenex, and her brothers are Ruval and Riser. Ravel is a high-class devil who used to be in the peerage of Riser Phenex (her brother). Her Japanese voice actor is Asuka Nishi.


Montmorency is a fictional character inspired by an actual person named Hugues de Montmorency. He has shoulder-length brown hair and eyes, and fair skin. His maintenance tag is “PIC NEEDS IMPROVEMENT”. He is French and possesses an ambitious personality.

Miharu Shimizu

The Anime character Miharu Shimizu is a girl who wears Roman Legionnaire armor. Her father’s name is Mr. Shimizu. She has the power to wield a sword. Miharu Shimizu is a character who first appeared in the light novel volume 1, but her anime appearance was in season 1, episode 2. Her manga debut was also in volume 1.

Elizabeth Midford 

Elizabeth Midford is a teenage anime girl with long yellow hair. She can dual-wield swords and is very clever, especially when it comes to strategy. Her personality traits are brave, cheerful, energetic, extroverted, and immature. Elizabeth Midford is also physically strong.

Tomoe Mami 

Mami Tomoe is a magical girl who was born in Japan. She has yellow eyes, yellow hair, and drill hair. Mami Tomoe mostly wears a skirt, pantyhose, and school uniform. She has a  lonely, earnest, idealist, kind, and polite personality. Mami Tomoe plays the role of a magical girl and student in the anime. She is helpful, and a tea enthusiast.


Beatrice is known as the Golden Witch Endless Witch. She was born on November 29th, 1000+ years ago, and has always been a witch. She loves ice cream and black tea but dislikes being bored or lonely.

Harime Nui

Harime Nui is a beautiful female anime character.  Harime Nui has no accessories aside from her eyepatch, scissors, and umbrella. Her clothing of choice is a dress. Harime Nui is an artificial life form made of life fibers, which grants her superhuman strength. She wears a hair ribbon, and earrings. Harime Nui is a one-eyed, tareme, yellow-haired girl with very long hair. Her hair drills are her pride and joy. She is extremely confident, flirtatious, loyal, manipulative, psychopathic, and sadistic. Harime Nui has the ability to clone herself, and survive attacks that would kill a normal person.

Tenjōin Saki

Saki Tenjōin is a 17-year-old high school student from Sainan High. She is in her third year in high school and is the daughter of Ryūga Tenjōin. She is 165cm tall and weighs about 50kg. Saki Tenjōin has a blonde ponytail and gold eyes. Her unusual feature is the stereotypical noblewoman’s laugh. Saki Tenjōin made her anime debut in Episode 5.

Miyako Gotokuji

Miyako Gotokuji, who goes by the nickname Rolling Bubbles, was born around 1993. She is a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She first appeared in the 2006 series of PPGZ. The bubbly, blonde-haired PPGZ member Rolling Bubbles is about 20 years old. She is also a member of the Powerpuff Girls Z team.


The anime character Ymir is a Jaw Titan. She is a human, intelligent, and beautiful girl. Her age is more than 75 years. She stands 172 cm tall and weighs 63 kg. Her birthday is February 17th. She is a former member of the Survey Corps and her occupation was as a soldier. Her rank in combat training was not in the top 10%. Ymir made her debut in the “A Dull Glow in the Midst of Despair” chapter.


Domino is a mutant with the power to control probability. She has white skin and blue eyes. She joined X-Force, a mutant team working for the government. In the original timeline, she died. Domino appeared in the movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past. 

Ayasaki Hermione 

Ayasaki Hermione is a 16-year-old maid. He’s 168 cm tall, and weighs 57 kg. He has blue eyes and shoulder-length blue hair. He wears cat ears and also likes to wear a cloak and thigh highs. His cross-dressing fetish is very popular among trap fans, and he’s got perfect zettai ryouiki.

Biscuit Kreuger

Biscuit Krueger was a Double-Star Stone who had been a former player of Greed Island. He was also a Nen teacher. He wanted to complete Greed Island to become stronger and train new Hunters. She was friends with Gon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck, and Wing. Her enemies are Genthru, Bara, and Binolt.

Nate Mitotsudaira

Nate Mitotsudaira is an anime girl and the youngest member of Musashi Ariadust Academy. She is a half-human, and half-werewolf. Nate Mitotsudaira is also a 5th Special Agent and the first to be given command of her own squad. Her first appearance is in volume 1A of the light novel, but she also makes an appearance in the first episode of the anime. The specialty of Nate Mitotsudaira is her versatile range combat.


Ame-warashi is a spirit girl in XxxHOLiC. She made her anime debut in  Episode 7 and manga debut in Volume 5, Chapter. The color of her hair and eyes changes in contrast with the series. Ame-warashi is also known as Rain Sprite. Her English voice actor is Kate Oxley.

Mileina Vashti

Mileina Vashti is a 14-year-old girl who has brown hair. She also has purple eyes, which is rare in anime. Her personality is carefree and cheerful. Mileina Vashti is a mechanic, which means she can fix anything. Her fashion accessories are gloves, and a belt.

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