ARCHERO: The Ultimate FARMING Guide

In this guide, you will get to know the best chapters you need to farm for weapons, armor, rings, pets, materials, and item vendors in Archero.

If you want to farm easily, you need to open your daily or weekly chests and spin the wheel five times per day and item vendors. The best chapters in normal mode are chapter 3, chapter 4, and chapter 6 to farm. Hero mode is better than normal mode as the drop chances are high here. Average run-time is different for everyone as all have different gears or talents etc. 

If you are a beginner with lower gears levels, your choices will be limited to what is easiest for you. Free players can farm these chapters with Phoren. You need to save coins to buy the Phoren hero.

Chapter 3 results are given below. In the given picture, you can conclude that around how much gold, materials, how many times the item vendor appears, item drops you can obtain from each run, and then the total of each run is also given. The blue ones mean that the vendor offered items, and the purple one means a single epic offered.  

Item Vendors appear in your run and offer you various things like coins, gems, materials, energy, and many more. You may get a single epic or three different items of random rarities. If you want many items for free, it is the most reliable method for you to get many items free of money. In this case, in chapter 3, 67001 gold and five-item vendors have been collected. You may complete chapter 3 within 6-7 minutes, and you can get many items within this short time.    

Now compare chapter 3 in normal mode with chapter 3 of the hero mode. In this case, a total of 107316 gold, 9 item drops, 271 materials, and 20 item vendors appear. So herewith chapter 3 of hero mode 40361 more gold, 4 more item drops, and 3 more material drops are collected then from chapter 3 in normal mode. If you are collecting more than 40361 gold, 4 more item drops, and 3 more material drops from chapter 3 in normal mode, it doesn’t mean that chapter 3 in hero mode is easier than chapter 3 in normal mode. Chapter 3 in hero mode is pretty much difficult for an average player.    

In chapter 4 in this case, a total of 83112 gold, 8 item drops, 295 materials and 20 item vendors. So compare it to chapter 3 in normal mode 16111 more gold, 3 more item drops and 27 more material drops are collected. So chapter 4 is much better than chapter 3 because stages are short instead of one long stage. 

You can take a break while playing the game, and the important point is that the results are better for not that much more effort than chapter 3. The results may vary from player to player because there are average and even beginner players.       

Now come up to chapter 6. In this case, 110162 gold, 12 item drops, 438 materials and 13 item vendors. The average run required to complete it is 10-20 minutes. Again it varies from different players. Chapter 6 is relatively harder than chapter 3 and chapter 4.  

So with chapter 6, 27050 more gold, 5 more item drops, and 143 more material drops are collected than from chapter 4. Chapter 6 had the least item vendors with only 13, but 4 of them offered items for sale. This chapter has a higher rate of item-selling vendors. So chapter 6 is far better than chapter 3 and chapter 4. The chapter requires more effort than chapter 3 and chapter 4. Chapter 6 is the best if you have high-level gears or all epics. This chapter is best if you want more item-selling vendors. As compared to chapter 3, if you have lower level gears.

Tips for farming:

  • Chapter 3 and chapter 6 are both wave levels. It means if you want to save your energy and you are on the last wave, you can restart your game without killing the last enemy if you are not fortunate with your item drops, but this method is not recommended.
  • You can use your exp if you have no time to farm materials or do a run to beat a chapter. As you know, exp is important in levelling up because it leads you to purchase a talent and improve your game. If you want more exp, you have to do hard chapters and die at the first level.    
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