Arm Cannon in Roblox Super Doomspire

This guide will provide you with some tips on using an arm cannon. Arm Cannon is a remarkable rocket, costing 1600 crowns.

Arm cannon has three following stages:

  • Uncharges
  • Mid charged
  • Fully charged
  • The uncharged bullet:

The uncharged bullet deals 45 dmg. It can break windows but doesn’t explode. Three hits from it, and your enemy is dead.

  • The Mid Charged Bullet:

The Mid Charged Bullet can deal around 70-100 dmg. It is useful for going for kills as mostly it 1-shots.

You can also use the Mid Charged Bullet to destroy small pieces of the tower when tipping quickly. It is explosive but cannot rocket jump if the mid-charge deals 70 dmg. Then You need to hold your mouse/screen down longer.

  • The fully charged bullet:

The fully charged bullet can explode and give you a rocket jump. The rocket jump can get you in very high places, It can bring you from floor to bridge.

Arm cannon combos

Arm cannon Combo with other weapons. It can be combo with weapons such as boomerang, shuriken, etc.

Greatsword(great spin)

Sword (lunge and attack)


How 2 Aim (Types of movement)

You can aim in the Straight line. These are types of movements to know your enemy’s movement patterns.

Knowing their movements make it easier to aim at them.

Jumping, Side to side, and Midair.

On mobile, arm cannon’s fully charged bullet can be spammable.

This can be done by charging it, release and instantly charge again. Repeat. 

It can be used to obliterate towers in a short amount of time. However, this trick may be hard to perform as you may need to stay still.

Arm cannon is super valuable for infection because it keeps it high rocket jump. The arm cannon is no doubt one of the favorite rockets of alls.

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