Best Weapons – Arcane Odyssey

In this guide, you will find out which are the Best Weapons in Arcane Odyssey.

Commander Kai Sabre

Commander Kai Sabre is the best Katana in the game that has the best damage and attacks. It is a boss drop from the Commander, it has 16.5 base damage, one attack size and three speeds. The E-move is a range move that’s really good to kill enemies at far range and fighting bosses. The Sword Draw is a really nice melee attack for PvP. The cooldown of Kai Sabre is super short. You need to go to Silverhold and kill commander Kai to get this weapon. It is a really good weapon for most people because of its versatility.

Lion’s Halberd

The next one is Lion’s Halberd, you need to be a warlord for this. The speed is quite low but the massive AOE makes up for it. It’s a really good weapon overall and if you get your strength and weapon up, you can use multiple moves on it. It does a lot of damage on each hit, so it’s really good for attacking crowds. It is dropped by General Argos inside Fort Talos.

Scrmitars of Storm

The next weapon on the list is Scrmitars of Storm, it’s really fast and deals a lot of damage. It has 25 base damage, one attack size and three speeds. it makes it a good all-around weapon. The AOE just gets increased by someone and you get a little circle on the ground. Its abilities are also amazing.

Sunken Sword

The Sunken Sword is probably the worst weapon on this list. It can give good results if you attach it to a certain build. It is very useful if you are either a magic, water, or ice magic user. Every hit will freeze the enemy temporarily and the E-move on this sword is so good. It does so much damage and you can slice your enemies with it. It also has a three-hit combo and a big AOE that does a lot of damage.

Night Claws

The Night Claws are really fast and deal good damage in a short amount of time. They are dropped in White Summit by Merlot. They have very high DPS but they’re smaller in size and do not have a huge AOE.

Lance of Loyalty

Lance of Loyalty is the next weapon on the list and you can get this one from Fort Talos. It has a huge AOE with each hit you do. It is kind of like a counterpart to the Lion’s Halberg because it has a huge AOE and you also need to be a warlord to wield it. It’s a really good weapon to have in the game.