Brawl Stars Codes 2022

Brawl Stars is an action game that was released in 2017. You can select any playing mode to start the game.  You will play as a Brawler to attack the opponent Brawler. Every brawler has got some skills to attack and some special abilities too. Complete the objectives in different modes and earn points as a reward. These points will help you to unlock new game skins. You can purchase the player’s gadgets from the game’s shop. Brawl Stars game is featured for free on mobile phones.

Brawl Stars Codes

wonderbradThis code is used for the Wonder brad.
WithZackRedeem this code for With Zack.
R3dknightThis code is used for Ricky Burnett.
ReyRedeem this code for Rey.
RADICALThis code is used for Radical Rosh Brawl Stars.
OJRedeem this code for Orange Juice Gaming.
NyteThis code is used for Nickatnyte.
NatRedeem this code for Nat.
MoltThis code is used for MOLT.
MadalinRedeem this code for Madalin.
Brawl Stars LexThis code is used for Lex.
KairosRedeem this code for Kairos Time Gaming.
GEDIThis code is used for Gedikor.
GaladonRedeem this code for Galadon Gaming.
FullFrontageThis code is used for Full Frontage.
CWARedeem this code for CWA Mobile Gaming.
CoryThis code is used for Coach Cory.
ChiefAvalonRedeem this code for Chief Avalon.
PATThis code is used for Chief Pat.
StatsRedeem this code for Brawl Stats.
BT1This code is used for BenTimm1.
BT1Redeem this code for BenTimm1.
bangskotThis code is used for Bang Skot.
AshBSRedeem this code for Ash.
anikiloThis code is used for An kilo.
Alvaro845Redeem this code for Alvaro845.

How To Redeem the Brawl Stars Codes?

In order to redeem the Brawl Stars codes, you’ll have to follow the steps below:

  1. Start the game and click on the Shop button. 
  2. Scroll down a bit and on “CONTENT CREATOR BOOST”.
  3. Enter your code to get the desired reward. 

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