Captain America Build Guide – Midnight Suns

Captain America is a tank damage dealer in Midnight Suns. He is the second tank that you obtain in the game.

In this guide, you will find out the cards that you can use playing as Captain America. 


He is very much similar to Captain Marvel. They both build their block and taunt the enemy. Captain America has the passive called “all day”.

It means he has some block with him when he is beginning the combat. The thing that makes him different from Captain Marvel is that he has less focus on himself.

Captain America has the ability to draw the cards in general of his teammates as well and it benefits his entire team. 

If Captain Marvel is playing in a team, she will effectively need to use all the cards. 



You will begin the game with this ability and you gain the block, which prevents you from damage. It also draws two cards (any cards not only his cards). It also provides a block to your allies when you upgrade it. You also gain heroism while using it. If you modify them, it will give you more heroism.


This is a heroic ability, which means it costs heroism. It cost one heroism. It allows Captain America to through a shield to the enemy and he gets damage. Even more, damage if they are targeting him. If you upgrade this ability, and if you kill the enemy, you have to draw two cards.

Brooklyn Handshake: 

It is an attack card that provides heroism and also knocks the target back. If they get damage in the first turn, then you have a chance to knock them in the second turn. Once you upgrade it, it allows you to draw two cards after killing the enemy. If you apply the modifier and you attack quickly and then you get the card back.

Shield Bounce: 

This is also a heroic ability and it costs two heroism. In this, you can wipe out a lot of enemies with one throw. If you don’t attack the enemy, it means they feel taunted and if they do any attack on you, you will get less damage.

Captain America’s best Teammates 

As mentioned earlier, Captain America supports his teammates greatly, so it is not fair to say that he needs support from other heroes. He is a good support tank. He supports them by allowing them to draw their cards. 

However, you can get some support from Doctor Strange, because sometimes you want to pull back the attack again.