Chasing The Wind Quest Guide – Disney Dreamlight Valley

This guide will let you know how to complete the Chasing The Wind quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will need some softwood which is easy to find everywhere. Just go around trees and the softwood is just lying around the trees most of the time.

After that, you’ll need twine which you can get from Elsa and the next thing you gotta find is iron ingots. To get iron, you have to go in the collections, select forging and then select iron, it will show you the places where it is found. You can find it in the forest of valor, the glade of trust, in the sunlight plateau, and also in forested heights and forgotten land.

But if you want to get iron quickly, then you will need to go to the forest of valor.

Once you get the iron, you need to craft it into an iron bar. So just go to the crafting table and select iron ingot in refined material and craft it. You need 15 iron ores to craft 3 iron ingots

When you got all the iron ore, softwood, and twine, you have to craft the wind chimes.

So again at the crafting table, select functional items and then select wind chimes. You’ll need three of them.

After that place all those wind chimes on the trees near Elsa. There will be shining spots on the trees where you have to put them.

And when you put all three wind chimes, the quest will be completed.

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