Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath (PC) Review

Command and Conquer has been a long running strategy series that has provided an original and engaging string of games to the market. The latest game in the series, Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, has recently been given a much welcomed expansion dubbed Kane’s Wrath. The expansion pack not only adds new units and new missions onto the original game, but adds in a new game mode and a storyline that fans have been dying for.

The new story is placed both before and after the events of the original game, where GDI ultimately destroys NOD. Kane has been presumed killed and the remainder of the NOD forces have split up into small splinter factions that pose little threat to the GDI. Unknown to the world, Kane has survived the attack and now wants to build his armies to once again challenge the world for ultimate control. You are the instrument of Kane’s wrath and must first destroy the rival splinter factions or force them to join with the newly revived NOD.

After the reformation of NOD players must then turn their attention to the Global Defense Initiative, as Kane is none to happy about their recent success. Such an attack will need powerful units, which is what the expansion has also provided. The GDI have been blessed with many powerful tanks such as the ‘Shatterer’ and the almighty ‘M.A.R.V’. The NOD have been gifted with a new stealth vehicle known as the ‘Specter’ that fires artillery plus a frightening and garrisonable mech known as the ‘Redeemer’. The Scrin have also been given some new and mighty vehicles such as the ‘Mechapede’ and the invincible ‘Eradicator Hexapod’. Players will have a lot of fun messing around with these new units as the only thing that can defeat them is an equally powerful unit.

Kane’s Wrath has also added a new game mode to add to the spice in the Command and Conquer universe. Conquest mode is essentially C&C; on a global scale. Players choose their factions and are given a handful of bases on different continents. The goal is to reach each faction’s objective; the GDI, for example, must influence 33% of the map. This influence is determined by bases and their influence radius; players can increase this with either a tier upgrade or making more bases. From the bases players can create strike forces made up of various units. These strike forces are the primary way to expand in the game as they can create bases, destroy opponent bases, and fight off enemy strike forces.

Conquest is based on a map of the globe on a two-dimensional platform. This platform makes it easy for players to see the big picture in terms of enemy forces and which actions to take for offensive and defensive purposes. However, when two units come together, the perspective changes to the normal view used in the campaign and multiplayer modes. This means that players can have unit-by-unit control in battles, giving huge depth to the conquest mode. Or players can simply auto-resolve and let the A.I. do the fighting.

Multiplayer has also been touched up. Matchmaking and custom games are now much easier to set up and players can now rate each other on their skill and sportsmanship after a game. This makes sure that ‘n00bs’ don’t get in the way of the pros and that you can see the sort of person you will face before the game starts. As always you can save replay footage of your matches for later viewing or bragging rights.

Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath is a very satisfying expansion that adds in very fun and powerful units as well as a fun new game type. The multiplayer experience is now much more fluid, providing even more enjoyment for your C&C; experience. Besides – for only $50, who could pass up on this expansion? Pick up a copy today and unleash Kane’s Wrath!

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