Crash Fever Jeanne Walkthrough & Guide

The Heroine Jeanne has invaded with her trusty iron steed. Are you brave enough to face this beauty? Find out here what units to bring and how to get through this formidable foe!

-Miku Lucifer
-Kagamine Len
-Hatsune Miku V3
-Date Masamune

Stage Guide

Stage 1 -One-Eyed Hanna/Seiryu

At the start of the first stage, target Seiryu and take him out first since he hits pretty hard. Hanna will switch between hitting for 4k damage, lowering your attack for 1 turn, and reducing recovery for 1 turn as well. Take her out as quick as you can because at 50% HP, she will cast sleep and apply virus which can prove to be a problem later on if you don’t burst damage her at 50% HP.

Stage 2 – Mamiko/Mai/Yoshitaka/Kenji

Right when you enter the 2nd stage, the units will convert all colored panels to timers. This is where Fever comes in handy. Use Fever to get rid of them so you can move on to the next stage.

Stage 3- Asmodeus

1st Bar-
Entering the 3rd stage, Asmodeus will lengthen crash skill creation for 4 turns. She can hit anywhere from 6-8k damage so try to stall in the beginning and build your skills for her next bar of health.

2nd Bar-
During her 2nd bar of health, try to take her down as soon as possible since her damage is health dependant. She will start to hit you for 5.5k, 6.6k, and finally 11k damage and also buff her defense.

Stage 4- Jeanne

1st Bar-
As you enter the 1st bar of health, Jeanne will extend crash skill creation for 5 turns. Jeanne’s 1st attack will deal 3.6k damage and lock heart panels for 7 turns. In the next attacks, she will deal 7k and then will deal 13k multi-hit attacks. If you brought a unit that can remove heart lock, it is recommended to use it or burst her down to her 2nd bar of health before she locks heart panels.

2nd Bar-
Entering the 2nd bar of Jeanne’s health will cause her to reduce the tap count to 1 for 5 turns and cast skill bind on 1 unit for 3 turns. Depending on what attack she does, she can hit from 7-13k damage, cast haste to reduce her wait time to 1 turn.

3rd Bar-
Jeanne’s first attack will hit for 20k damage, then she will start to rotate moves. Her attacks either deal 8k damage, lock any of the colored panels at random, and absorbs Crash Panels to deal 4k damage per crash panel that was absorbed. If you don’t burst her down with your skills at this time, she will buff her attack and make the battle much harder for you to get through.

Jeanne’s one tough cookie, but with the right squad you can take her down with ease and add her to your collection.

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