How to reroll efficiently in Crash Fever

Re rolling is a usual part of gacha games. It is basically a technique in which the players come up with different accounts in order to achieve the best possible outcome for their initial random unit rolls.

Following things must be considered /taken care of when you intend to re roll an account:

The best time to re roll

The most appropriate time to re roll is in the availability of limited festival units. However this doesn’t happen very frequently and even if it happens, it happens for a very short period of time. So once you decide to get started, it’s not advisable that you wait. You must go on with the technique. In such cases there is a list of top permanent units that you can aim for.

Cost to use the hatcher

It’s better to save up a 10-shot at the hatcher while re rolling. This is going to help you in 2 ways:

1) You need a minimum of 500 polygons to use a Hatcher. You will always have to save this amount.

2) You need a minimum of 250 polygons to use Face Hatchers and unit-featured Hatchers.

What units should you aim for?

Any festival unit will work if there is a festival hatcher. It must be kept in mind that some units are more powerful than others and they all are extremely rare.

A list of best characters that can be obtained from re-rolling

S rank


Metatron makes her way to the top of the list owing to her much strength. She is capable of making some of the best moves this game has to offer. Metatron is most destructive with her glowing panel and can easily damage all the other panels that lie within its area of influence.


Rapunzal is considered as a technical genius mainly due to her flawless and perfectly practiced moves. She has this remarkable ability of enhancing the generation of yellow panels for the upcoming three turns. Also she is capable of converting the blue panels into yellow.

Murasaki Shikabu

Murasaki is another player that has got impeccable moves. Murasaki has got a variety of skills that he uses efficiently to attack her enemies. She generates 2 massive SCPs that increase the number of taps for blue turn to 2 for the next 3 turns.

A Rank

Uesugi Kenhsin

She makes her way to the top of list A. Like most of the characters in tier A, she has wide range of skills. Her ability enhances the generation of blue panels for the next 3 turns and boosts the extreme power of all the blue panels.

Sei shonagon

This unit has got incredible qualities. Apart from having great skills, she has got a plausible status and C skill. She is the best choice for most of the players due to her considerable strength.


This unit has got immaculate skill and status. Her skills allow changing red and yellow channels to blue. Also, she has this unique ability of reducing the damage that is received from the enemies up to 50 %.

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