Design Tips for Disney – Dreamlight Valley

In this guide, you’ll find out five tips for designing in Disney Dreamlight Valley.  

The first thing you will need to do is open up your inventory and select the Furniture tab. Then press F to get a view of your entire valley. 

You can Move buildings and object

You can really go anywhere and it’s just a very good view to see everything that you have going on. Now, you should not be afraid to move buildings. You can move anything and everything. Except for the plaza and some of the mushrooms that you have to get rid of later. But everything else is completely customizable. 

You can click on a building and drag it to move it wherever you want to. So when you go about designing and moving your buildings around, you must figure out where you want to place your own house. It can be at a beach or around the pond and you can decorate it by surrounding it with orchards and statues whatever you like. 

Buy items from scrooge for decoration.

The next decorating tip is to check out Scrooge’s shop every day to see what he’s selling. After you expand it, you can even walk up and he’s gonna have some larger items you can check out. You can go through and start buying all the different things that you can afford and also if you talk to Scrooge, you can access a catalog of more items.

Click on the option ‘’I’d like to order some items’’, and there will be a catalog of clothing and furniture. You can go through there and check if there’s anything that you want to buy from him.

This option seems to have a lot of the basics. You’ve got some different tables, couches, counters, all that kind of stuff you can just buy directly from him. It is going to help a lot with your interior decorating especially. So just be sure to check this out and make sure you’re coming to the shop every day for new items.

Make souffle to make money

The next one isn’t a design tip but if you want to buy things from Scrooge, you will need some money. One way to make money is by making souffles. You’re going to need cheese, milk, eggs, and butter. So if it’s your first time making a souffle, all you have to do is go to the dairy and move one of each item into the pot. After that, start cooking and there you will have a souffle.

Once you’ve got your first souffle, you’re going to have it up there in your Recipes tab. Scroll down and you’ll be able to hit souffle and then if you have the ingredients, you can autofill and keep cooking. Then take the souffle that you just made and sell it at Goofy’s stall. You’re not making a full 1230 but the profit from what you have to put in and the work that goes into it is worth it.

If you haven’t progressed very far and you’re still in this first section, you can also upgrade Goofy’s stall.

If you have access to carrot seeds, you can plant them and then harvest them. They also sell for a decent amount of money so that you can buy different things from Scrooge.

Decorate your landscape

Coming back in here to the Furniture tab. If you scroll down, there will be a landscaping section and a lot of people are missing it because you do have to scroll down to see it. There you will have unlimited access to a bunch of different things like bushes, grass, and different trees. There’s so much stuff in here, rocks and all kinds of things. You have unlimited access and you can grab whatever you want. Say you wanted to plant another tree down here, you can just pick it up and place it down. You’re able to place down as much as you want to and it doesn’t cost you any money.

Unlock Biomes

This next tip is building on the last one, but it is to unlock as many biomes as possible because the more biomes that you unlock, the more access you have to different landscaping options. It’s going to unlock trees, plants, and the forest of valor. It also unlocks these mossy rocks with these tree stumps. So as you unlock as many biomes as you can and you’re going to unlock more stuff to decorate along with it.

You can add or remove Pathing

The last tip has to do with a couple of controls that are really useful when you’re decorating. The first one has to do with pathing.

So if you have a large section as here in the plaza and you were just tired of having all of this symmetrical pathing, you don’t have to delete one at a time. All you have to do is click on one of the pieces of pathing, hold down whatever your remove key is and it will remove every piece of pathing that is connected. You can remove an entire section in one click. It’s amazing, but then say you see it and don’t like how it looks.

If you preferred it how it was there is an undo button down here on the bottom right and you can just click it to undo anything that you didn’t like and it will be back to normal.

So these are the design tips so far in Disney dreamlight valley.

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