Dinosaur Fossil Hunter – Controls Guide

In Dinosaur Fossil Hunter, you’re a real paleontologist and your goal is to explore different lands, search for fossils, and uncover them than study them. You will also have the opportunity to build your own museum where you expose your findings and acquire souvenirs. The game offers an exciting story filled with many familiar creatures that walked the Earth millions of years ago such as dinosaurs and early man.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Game Dinosaur Fossil Hunter

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Controls

Move ForwardWPress W to Move Forward
Move BackwardSPress S to Move Backward
Move LeftAPress A to Move Left
Move RightDPress D to Move Right
SprintLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Sprint
JumpSpacebarPress Spacebar to Jump
InteractionLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Interact
Second InteractionRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Second Interact
Enter Vehicle/StationEPress E to Enter Vehicle/Station
HighlightRPress R to Highlight
Select TabletTabPress Tab to Select Tablet
Select Free Hands1Press 1 to Select Free Hands
Select Chainsaw2Press 2 to Select Chainsaw
Select Hammer3Press 3 to Select Hammer
Select Shovel4Press 4 to Select Shovel
Select Pickaxe5Press 5 to Select Pickaxe
Select Georadar6Press 6 to Select Georadar
Select Geiger Counter7Press 7 to Select Geiger Counter
Select Trowel8Press 8 to Select Trowel
Select Plaster9Press 9 to Select Plaster
Select DroneJPress J to Select Drone
Differential ClockBPress B to Differential Clock
Drive SwitchNPress N to Drive Switch
Hide the HintXPress X to Hide the Hint
FlashlightFPress F to Use Flashlight
Tablet Map ModeMPress M to OPen Tablet Map Mode
Rotation LeftQPress Q to Rotate Left
Rotation RightEPress E to Rotate Right
Next PoseRPress R to Next Pose
Previous PoseFPress F to Previous Pose
Mirror PoseYPress Y to Mirror Pose
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