You will confront a mind boggling enigma in the dishonored 2’s sixth mission:” The Dust District”. Solving this riddle will be a challenging and interesting task. It requires you to find out a way to get past the mysterious Jindosh lock.

There are two possible ways to proceed with this puzzle. The first one is quite simple. Try to figure out that who is the leader of the “Howler gang” or “the overseers”. Now capture or kill the leader and bring him back to the other leaders. Doing this will end the enmity for taking over the “Dust District”. Also, in this way, you will have the support of one of the groups that will help you solve this riddle and getting beyond the Jindosh Lock.

While exploring the district, you will discover another method. This method will be applicable when you successfully manage to track down a lock developed by Howler agent. For this, you will have to invade both bases and find a set of keys and some other clues.

The jindosh riddle in dishonored 2

Every character like homes, drinks, colors and heirlooms in the puzzle change positions when the players open it. Considering the 5 major points summed up in two paragraphs makes it a little difficult to comprehend. It is quite time-consuming if you try to solve it arbitrarily. You will try to come up with different techniques before you succeed in finding a proper solution to this puzzle.

The riddle

Some women sat in a row. All of them wore different hats. Jaunty (first lady) wore a jaunty color (first color) hat. Lady two was next to the lady wearing a (color 2) jacket. The lady in color three sat left to the lady dressed in (color 4). Color three outfit was easy to remember because the lady who was wearing it spilled a drink all over it. The traveller from (home 1) was dressed in (color 5). When one guest on the dinner table started bragging about her (heirloom 1) the women sitting next to her said that they were better when they were living in (home 1).

Now the (lady 3) came up with a prized (Heirloom 2), at which the lady from (home 2) scoffed and said that it can’t be compared with her (Heirloom 3). Some one else on the table carried a precious (Heirloom 4) and on seeing it, the visitor from (home 3) almost spilled her neighbors (drink 2). (Lady 4) raised her (drink 3) in a toast. The lady from (home 4) full of (drink 4) jumped on the table, falling on the guest sitting on the center seat, spilling the poor woman’s drink (drink 5). Ultimately, (lady 5) grasped the attention of the listeners by telling them a story at (home 4).

Solution to the jindosh enigma

The perfect combination will find a viable answer to your dilemma.

1) Lady 1 – Heirloom 3

2) Lady 2 – Heirloom 4

3) Lady 3 – Heirloom 2

4) Lady 4 – Heirloom 1

5) Lady 5 – Heirloom 5

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